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Jul 30, 2019 · Tarsal tunnel syndrome is when the posterior tibial nerve is entrapped as it descends under the inside (medial) ankle area and enters the foot through an anatomical landmark known as the tarsal tunnel. The burning, tingling sensations, or shooting pain, can radiate from the instep (arch)   and heel areas into the soles of the feet. Numbness and foot cramping can also occur and symptoms . Neuropathies are a group of disorders involving the nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord--the peripheral nerves. Infections, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, genetic disorders, alcoholism and toxins include some of the many causes of neuropathy. The feet .

People who suffer from neuropathy in the feet will have different symptoms, depending on which peripheral nerve has been damaged. If the sensory nerves are damaged, the symptoms will include: Tingling; Burning sensation; Numbness; Tingling that spreads from ball of foot up to the leg; Feeling like clothing is on bare skin; Sensitive skin; Pain. Some nerve damage is so severe that there are not any noticeable symptoms. Most likely, if you do have neuropathies from diabetes, you have sensitive feet. Your feet may feel numb at times, get “pins and needles” feelings, feel unusually tired and achy, or cause you mild to severe pain.Author: Elisabeth Almekinder RN, BA, CDE.

Nerve pain in the foot is medically called either idiopathic peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy. One of the symptoms includes numbness in the hands and feet or parts thereof. Most people ignore the numbness until there is pain. Chemotherapy-induced nerve damage. Chemotherapy has many effects on the body. Some types of chemotherapy can cause irritation of the nerves in ones hands and feet, resulting in symptoms like pain, numbness or tingling. Rarity: Uncommon. Top Symptoms: muscle aches, distal numbness, pain in both hands, pain in both feet, numbness. Urgency: Primary care doctorAuthor: None, Buoy Medical Review Team.