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Subliminal was a very popular rapper with a highly political message, so it was particularly important for me to interview him for the thesis I wrote surveying the genre. But our scheduled meeting fell through, making Subliminal one of the few Israeli rappers I had not personally met. Ya'akov "Kobi" Shimoni (Hebrew: יעקב "קובי" שמעוני, born November 13, 1979), generally known by his stage name Subliminal (Hebrew: סאבלימינל ‎), is an Israeli rapper and record producer.

Mar 02, 2005 · Israeli rapper Subliminal makes his U.S. debut tonight in Los Angeles, but his presence has already been felt around the world. Known as a right-wing Zionist, the hip-hop star -- whose latest album went gold on its first day in stores and who will team with Wyclef Jean, Ashanti and Miri Ben-Ari for his next one -- has incited demonstrations from France to Canada. Controversial Israeli rapper survives assassination attempt. HaTzel is associated with radical right wing groups and has an active social media presence by which he spreads his views, which have been criticized by many as racist and inciting.Author: LAHAV HARKOV.

Cohen @ Mushon. The so-called Beastie Boys of Israeli hip hop, this power duo has released a number of albums and spearheaded a distinctly Tel Avivian brand of hip hop. Cohen, who is also a prominent Israeli hip hop producer, has recently signed on as a beatmaker for Author: Ben Jakob. Nov 23, 2010 · As the self-proclaimed father of Israeli hip-hop, Subliminal has become over the past decade by far the most prominent solo hip-hop artist in the country, acquiring a .