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According to SmartSkinCare.com, it works by preventing the breakdown of glycoproteins called proteoglycans that help strengthen veins and capillary walls. If you and your doctor choose this option, keep in mind that success requires continued use. Laser treatments use a vascular laser that emits a yellow light to remove facial spider veins. Hormonal changes can be associated with visible veins as well. Your physician can help to determine the cause of your visible veins. Facial Vein Prevention. Visible veins are most often caused by sun damage, so sunscreen use and sun avoidance are recommended. Facial Vein Treatment. There are many different treatments options available for.

Facial Vein Removal Options. Luckily, while these facial veins do carry blood, they’re not part of the venous valve system, so facial veins can be removed without any worry of harming yourself. The main facial vein treatments are Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments. Aug 23, 2016 · August 23, 2016 - 12:17 BST hellomagazine.com A look at thread vein removal treatment and how to get rid of broken spider veins on your face. Thread veins, more commonly known as spider veins, can Author: HELLO.

Home» Vein Disease Treatments from Our Professional Vein Doctor in St. Louis» Face, Hands and Other Veins» Facial Veins – The Vein Center St. Louis. Facial Veins Understanding Facial Veins. Commonly referred to as spider veins, facial veins are vessels near the surface of the skin that show up most predominantly on the nose, cheeks, chin and underneath the eyes. Large bluish veins around temples, eye area or the nasolabial fold or “smile lines” Treatment of face veins will depend on the diameter and location; each case is individually evaluated and then either sclerotherapy or laser facial therapy can be performed. Large blue veins respond very well to .