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When is a dog considered an adult? When a dog reaches 90% of its expected adult weight, it’s considered an adult for feeding purposes, according to The Merck Veterinary Manual. An adult dog diet, or maintenance diet, contains nutrients suited for animals that have passed their growth stage.Author: Elizabeth Lee. Unless stated otherwise, these amounts are the total that is recommended for your dog over a 24 hour period. Most adult dogs should eat two meals a day (puppies often require three or more feedings), so you’ll need to divide the amount in the table by the number of meals you are offering. Combine this information with your knowledge of your dog’s lifestyle to come up with the initial amount of food you .

There are several healthy ways to feed your dog, depending on its individual needs. Here are the top three: 1) Let Your Dog Decide. For dogs who are a healthy weight and aren’t having accidents in the house, you may be able to use the free-choice feeding method. This means you leave food out all day and let your dog graze. Don't overfeed your dog. Follow the guidelines on the dog food package for recommended feeding amounts. Monitor your dog's weight and activity level, and make feeding adjustments as necessary. If your dog has loose stool feeding sweet potatoes is a natural stool hardener. Unlike some medicines, giving too many will not make them constipated. They sell sweet potato chips for dogs in a lot of pet .

Ideal Schedule For Feeding Your Dog – More or Less Active Breeds. More active breeds, such as any Terrier, may require a different feeding schedule from your average adult dog. Highly active dogs with high metabolisms need to eat 3 times per day, as they burn more calories and sleep less. Following the same schedule as your ordinary dog, but adding in a noontime meal is the safest bet.