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Programs & Services. The California Department of Aging (CDA) administers programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents in long-term care facilities throughout the . Writing Grants for Older Adult Health and Wellness Many community based groups that provide older adult health and wellness activities do not have the funds to purchase fitness equipment for their programs. This guide will help you understand how to find potential funders, and write a request for funding that includes fitness equipment.

Grants to Michigan organizations for programs to enhance the quality of life for the elderly population in Newaygo County. Funding is intended to support fulfilling and healthy lives for aging community members. Funding requests are accepted for programs or projects that: . There is a wide variety of grants for older adults available each year. Federal grants for elderly services can meet senior needs for nutrition, education, and housing.Foundations also offer specialized grants for organizations working with seniors supporting education, good health, affordable housing, senior safety, and volunteerism.Keep in mind, however, grants for individuals are few and Author: Dominique W. Brooks.

More seniors than ever need assistance and support to make ends meet. Funding for seniors programs, including the OAA, is a cost-effective investment. Empowering seniors to remain healthy and economically secure in their own homes and communities reduces spending on . Adult day care (ADC) provides frail seniors and persons with Alzheimer's with supervision and care in a structured setting during daytime hours allowing their primary caregivers to work or take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. There are two primary types of adult day care programs. Adult social day care offers basic health.