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perianal rash adults - What is Perianal Dermatitis? (with pictures)

Perianal dermatosis can encompass lesions from benign eczematous processes to advanced malignancies. It is important for the colorectal surgeon to be able to distinguish common problems from more serious pathology. This article covers nonsexually transmitted diseases occurring in the intergluteal fold and perianal region.Cited by: 5. A mother brought her 3½-year-old son into the office for a worsening rash in the perianal area. Mother and child had been in the office 2 weeks earlier for the rash;and the physician had prescribed topical clotrimazole cream for a presumed case of Candida infection. Despite using the cream as directed;the child’s rash worsened. The child otherwise felt well and was afebrile.

The perianal skin tends to itch, which can result from numerous causes (see Table: Some Causes of Pruritus Ani). This condition is also known as pruritus ani. Occasionally, the irritation is misinterpreted by the patient as pain, so other causes of perianal pain (eg, abscess or cancer) should be ruled out. Clinical pictures: Perianal problems. 12 April 2013 Dr Philip Marazzi presents eight perianal conditions. To continue reading you need to be a registered user or subscriber. Existing users login here. Email address. Password. Stay signed in. Forgotten Password? Need help? Email us.Author: GP.

Anal Rash | Pruritus Ani – For Physicians. Get the PDF version of this article. To itch is human. To scratch, divine (but not advisable). “Perianal dermatitis is a cross between a nappy rash, athlete’s foot, and a self inflicted injury. In most patients, the problem is due either to inadequate cleansing of the anus or to over vigorous. b). Perianal streptococcal dermatitis. Perianal streptococcal dermatitis is often a bright red rash around the anus that is caused by group (A) beta-hemolytic streptococci. It is understood that it can produce a rash which is sharply demarcated. This skin rash is tricky to identify but can be symptomized by .