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The Adélie penguin Adult Adélie penguins are regularly preyed upon by leopard seals. Giant petrels and skuas kill many chicks and eat eggs as well. Giant Petrels and orcas will occasionally kill adult Adelie penguins. Kelp gulls and snowy sheathbills also prey on chicks and eggs.Class: Aves. Aug 31, 2018 · Adelie penguin on its nest. The Adélie penguin breeding season runs from October to February: spring to summer in Antarctica. Adélie penguins leave the unpredictable summer sea ice in the spring and come onto land to nest. Here they form large breeding colonies, which can number many thousands of birds.

Adult Adélie penguins stand 70–73 cm (about 28–29 inches) tall and weigh 4–6 kg (about 9–13 pounds), the males being slightly taller and heavier than the females. A continuous region of black feathers covers the bird’s head, throat, back, and tail, whereas the entirety of its ventral (front) side is composed of white feathers. Aside. There are an estimated 10,000,000 adult Adelie penguins living today. Do Adelie penguins have any predators? In the wild Adelie penguins are preyed upon by Seals, other sea birds like the Skua (which go after eggs and chicks), and orcas, or killer whales. 7 astounding Adelie penguin facts. Adelie penguins are named after Adelie Land, an area in Founded: Jan 01, 1996.

Adélie penguins breed and raise their young on the continent of Antarctica. In September and October—springtime in that part of the world—thousands of Adélies gather on the rocky Antarctic shoreline. The huge gatherings are called colonies. Adélie penguins build nests by scooping out areas in the ground. The female usually lays two eggs in the nest.